Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bedroom Before shots

I started transforming Our mater bedroom about 3 months ago. Here is what it looked like Before
It was pretty bad. And that wallpaper HAD to go like 20 years ago.
One night It finally got to me and I just started ripping down the paper. For the most part it came down in full sheets. I think it was ready to go.
(I actually texted this picture to my husband who was at work) After about 3 days of ripping wallpaper down and then Scrubbing each wall by hand to get off any glue I was ready to prime.Please excuse the mess. We moved everything to the middle of the room for painting. But you have to admit even messy it was a vast improvement over the wallpaper.
Here are the colors we picked from. We went with the Lighter softer aqua.

Stay tuned for the transformation...... coming up in the next post.

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