Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Vanity of my Dreams

Since I was a little girl I had always envisioned My self sitting at a big mirrored vanity getting ready for a romantic night with My future husband. Or Standing behind my little girl while I braid her hair and talk to her about life or just kid and joke.
Well, A few night ago i was casually browsing my local Craig's list furniture section. I clicked on an ad for an antique Vanity thinking It wouldn't be for me or that I wouldn't be able to afford it.
I fell in love with its curves and details. The sweet bun like feet, and the storage OH the storage. It also had it original swivel mirror!
The price while amazing was just out my reach at the moment at $100.00 A serious steal for a piece like this. So, just out of curiosity I asked if they still had it and they sent back a yes. I though wow someone will be getting such a beautiful vanity and filed it back in my dreams.
The next day I got another e-mail asking if I was interested and saying they would give it to me for $80.00! Still slightly out of my budget considering we had just painted the master. I politely explained that I loved it but could only afford around $60.00. I got a reply that they would take $70.00 and meet us part of the way so that we wouldn't have to drive so far to get it.
I asked Mr. Dk and showed it to him and he said YES!
We loaded the kids up in the van and headed out on Monday to pick up my antique!
Here is how she was when I first saw her on Craig's list. We drove home and the next day I started her makeover.
I sanded the whole thing down. Tightened any loose nails. I had to remove the wheels and the detail on the front drawer because 3 wooden wheels were broke and the detailing was chipped beyond repair.
After the sanding and cleaning I gave her 2 coats of bright white Valspar signature. I love this paint because the primer is already in it. And it dries petty much chip free and washable. The knobs for now are simple wood knobs that I painted the same color as my walls. I want some fancy ones that I saw on But they are out of budget right now.
The front detail was replaced with one from Lowes that watched the curves and looks very nice If I don't say so myself.
So here she is now restored to match my beachy chic bedroom and fulfill my childhood dreams of fancy dressing and bonding with my daughter.I am seriously IN LOVE with this vanity. I love how some of my Milk glass Candy dishes look grouped with all my beachy do-dads.
Now to find her a matching stool :D


Gretchen said...

Wow! You did a great job! A coat of white paint makes everything pretty!
Have you thought about glass knobs? You can get them cheap at Hobby Lobby when they go on sale and they are super gorgeous. And.... I have an antique stool that would be perfect for it but I put it on a moving truck yesterday :(
I enjoying watching your makeover!

Krystle said...

Gretchen i always forget hobby lobby has knobs! ty for reminding me. I do plan on using glass knobs.

Licia said...

It's AMAZING! Wow, do you want my antique dresser? It's nothing special but please come take it away and make it fantastic :) I have always wanted to paint it lots of colors with spots and circles and fun things but it needs some "revival" first, and drawer slides. Totally awesome dresser! Now you can sit and try on jewelries :)

Felicia said...

Your right, the milk glass is SO adorable on there. You did a great job on refinishing it as well! Those vanities are so hard to come by, and it was a total steel on your part! Love it!