Monday, July 4, 2011

A perfectly shabby child's desk

I love a great vintage find. I am one of those crazy people who will wait years to find just the right piece of shabby vintage fixer-upper type item I have dreamed up in my head.
Its just so happens one of those item I have been on the Hunt for is a small desk for my daughters room. Sure I could have gone out and bought her any new thing at wally world. But I truly believe that there is something truly special in getting just the right old piece and transforming it.
So back to that desk.... I was at a wonderful little antique barn to day and one of the booth was 50% off everything. I had a good peek and found a great old high back style chair for my room.
Well after hunting around and finding some sweet little pieces for my glass collection I checked out and started loading items into the van.
Something told me to go back and have one more peek in that 50 % off booth. I noticed that under various nick-naks was a little child desk! The price said $68.00 YIKES! BUT wait! 50% off! SCORE! My daughter was so excited, She would have taken just like it is. But I knew right away that I could make this extra special and a neat match to her bedroom.

I used 2 cans of krylon primer and coated the whole desk. this stuff is so awesome beacuse it dries in 10 minutes!
I then painted the body of the desk in krylon Blue Ocean breeze. While the Drawer and pull out writing surface got a coat of Krylon's Bright idea yellow.
Next was replacing the old plain wood knob with a crystal version from Lowe's (about $3.00)
I also had to fix the guide for the pull out underneath on one side. I used some old scrap wood I already had for that and It now works perfectly.
Then after all was dry I lightly sanded the corners and the edges of the legs and top and around the draw edges to reveal some wood for that shabby worn look.
And Drum roll...............................While the paint was drying I also made the framed chalk board using some smooth thin wood, a vintage frame, chalkboard paint and A sample of light green valspar I had in my paint supplies.
Here is another shot

My princess now has her own little creative/beauty space That she can treasure for year knowing Mommy made it just for her.

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