Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lamp Redone

I bought this sweet candle stick style lamp when my daughter was a bean in my belly. It looked wonderful in her nursery. But, alas she out grew her baby item including this lamp which was originally white with a yellow and white gingham shade.
A few year ago I redid the lamp with some black spray paint and some leftover fabric from my fabric head board.
It has looked like this since....
(Sorry for the picture Quality I had to zoom in on a picture of the whole room)
I have Seriously outgrown the whole red and black theme that has been going on in my bedroom. I just don't like the dark feel.
We have decided to redo our room in a more shabby beach chic-ish. So, I am slowly picking up pieces that will fit in on the cheap. This lamp was one thing i had on hand that I knew would be a keep. But it definitely had to be redone.
With a can of Krylon fusion spray paint I kissed that black goodbye and said hello to white.
On the Shade I had to rip off that old red fabric that I had glued over the yellow gingham. Luckily it came off in one piece and I was able to use it for a pattern to cut the new fabric.
I got this wonderful large piece of Linen at a yard sale for around $0.50. and the lace edge was a hobby lobby find.
I used Beacon's 3-in-1 craft glue on the shade part to attach the fabric. I slowly wrapped it around until it was overlapping about 1 inch and glued it together with more 3-in-1.
Around the rims I used hot glue and carefully folded it under.
Next I put a small dab of hot glue at the back seem and attached the lace ribbon. I used a small dab every 2-3 inches or so just to keep in place.
And here is the final product.A perfectly feminine shabby lamp for my nightstand.
It looks great with my Homer Laughlin oval platter from 1928 ( $1.60@ an antique barn)

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Licia said...

it's so cute!!!! my casa isn't the style for lace and girly things so I get to live vicariously thru your decor :)