Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Car Themed room

I finally got around to painting my boys room Monday. My older Boy has been asking, practically begging me to get their room painted since I did their sisters.
I have had a collection of old road signs that I had put away years ago Just in case I had boys. Low and behold I had 2 boys!
Here are their before room shots. Its not pretty!
This is what it looks like now

Please Note ALL of the signs in this room were obtained from flea markets or gifted to me. None were stolen from actual streets.
I love how these signs are old and worn and Not "perfect" It ads a lot to the charm and character.
We chose the Grey color (mountain pass by Valspar) because we knew the signs were so colorful that a neutral would help them POP.
Their room is not quite done, we still have some License plates to hang and I am hoping to get an old car bench seat to put under their window for seating.
They also need some old wooden trunks for toys.
all in all I Think it is a huge Improvement!....
So far :)


Scooter C said...

Give the Boys some time.
It will be back to "normal" in no time.

Take Care,

Felicia said...

Hey! You've totally giving me another idea for my sons room! And I love the grey. I love that you had the signs before you even had boys!