Friday, May 28, 2010


When I was 18 years old, Sitting in a restaurant with my Best friend In my home town in Arizona, A Young Marine came in and sat down at the table across the room by himself. The waiter ( an school friend) knew the Marine and through him we all started talking. After some brief conversation I invited him to sit with me and my Best friend. His name Was Richard. He was a Lance Corporal stationed at the base in my home town. We sat in the booth at that 24 hour restaurant and talked until it was time for him to get back to base and to his job.
That was nearly 10 years ago This July. That Young Marine Is my Husband. And while he is no longer active duty, I am and always will be so proud of my hunny for the time he spent in The armed services. And for the time I was allowed to be a marine Corps Wife.

Let us not forget as we spend time this weekend with our family and Friends why we set aside this day to Remember all the men and women who fought for this land we call home.

Here are a few items from my self and others around etsy that help us remember those in our armed services.

Yarn Wreath By ItzFitz

Beautiful America Lampwork Necklace By Dkjewels

American Patriot Box bag By QueenBee55


First Light Photography said...

This is such an honor for me that you chose my photograph for this wonderful blog. I will post this on my Facebook. What a wonderful story you have to tell. Thank you!

TheEye said...

Nice tribute and great photo to start it off.

PhotoGrunt said...

Great image to lead with...Sue really does some fantastic work! And what a wonderful rememberance! I enjoyed the time I was stationed at Yuma back in the early 80's. Thank you for bringing that back, and thank you for honoring those who've served. Semper Fi!