Friday, April 2, 2010

3 Years on etsy

How time flies when you are making jewelry (and kids) Nearly 3 years ago On April 9th I dived head first into a site That I was told could help me launch my jewelry into the hands of others. That site?
When I started selling on etsy it was still fairly new. Man has that changed. In my 3 years on the site I have seen many changes. Some good, some bad. But all in all I do love etsy. This site has allowed me to share what I love with people all over the world. I have sent jewelry to Australia, Paris (oh lala) the Czech republic, Germany, Italy, Canada, South America Just to name a few. I would have never dreamed that possible when I started. Not to discount all my Wonderful customers right here in the Good ole USA. Along with my family, They truly are the backbone that keeps me going and able to do what I love.
I feel blessed everyday I get to create something for someone. I know what a piece of jewelry can mean. It can inspire you, lift you up, build confidence or make you feel beautiful. It can represent a special moment in your life. I always feel so honored when someone tells me their purchase was for their wedding, or to celebrate a birth or honor a loved one passed.

I thank you all for your loving support and comments. And I look forward to sharing Many more years with you all through my passion.


crystal said...

Hi Krystle
Wow,Three years..Congratulations girl!!
You jewelry is so pretty,you are very talented:)

PussDaddy said...

Congrats on your three years!