Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Birthdays and Beach treasures

We took my son to Ft. Fisher Aquarium and beach for his birthday in August. Me and him both found a little piece of drift wood (or as he says "A Piece with wood") His is much a more impressive 5 inch lond one that after a month is still holding strong. He likes to tote ti around.
I loved the shape of my little piece and made it a necklace to remember his special day! I added a white keishi pearl to slightly dress it up and hand twist a bail for it out of sterling silver wire.

Another treasure I found on a North Carolina beach a few years ago was this beautiful ocean stone. Something about the shape of it made me want to keep it. It has an almost womanly bust like shape. I love to photograph my jewelry on this piece.
I think next time we go I will be on the lookout for more of these perfect treasures washed and worn from countless years of ocean tides.


Licia said...

it's sooo pretty that bead! The rock is cool too :)

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