Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh its a Mom's Life afterall...

I was sitting at my desk in etsy chat. ( I do this often) and I stumble upon a shop that has these super cute little bags. I favorite or "HEART" as we say on etsy a few items and move on. A Few days later I see the same cute shop and look again. I find my favorite little Pink bag to post and share with the other chatters and then I read the description........

I'm a mom. I know how it goes. You cram everything you might possibly need into a huge tote bag, put it on your arm and away you go. Inevitably, you have to bend over to pickup that paci your son threw or fix a loose shoe. As you are bending over, your extremely large tote whips around your shoulder and smacks you in the head, and just for spite, dumps all your precious goodies all over the dirty floor. Now, not only are you bending over, which always makes our butts look ten times bigger, but you also have to pick up a phone, receipts and that tampon that has been beautifully displayed to unknowing passers-by. Thanks lovely huge tote bag!

I about fell off my chair laughing because this is so my life! what mom doesn't have an overly crowded bag with diapers, wipes, old pieces of of some snack you tried to feed your child to calm them in some public place when they were pulling out your hair and ripping your shirt off to get to the "meal".... (maybe that ones just me)

Seriously, This shop has some sweet bags in an array of bright bold colors and prints. from makeup bags, totes, clutches, key chain super pouch and even fabric coasters not to mention the awesome clutches! SO CUTE!

Have a looksie! The prices are awesome! (she has a sale section too!!!) and did I mention she is super sweet and friendly to boot!

Thanks for looking and as always supporting handmade!

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