Friday, August 28, 2009

HEMP! Who knew?

I sometimes like to poke my head into the Featured
sellers chat on etsy. I don't really do it to make sales as much as to see some new items I may not have seen otherwise.
A few weeks ago while browsing in the chat I found Featured seller I was fresh out of bar soap since I don't make it anymore myself so I decided to giver hers a try. I bought coconut lime. Just a few days later my package came.WOWEE was I surprised! First the packaging was awesome! Very well done and professional looking. Then The smell hit! It was incredible!

Then I noticed a little free sample. It was hemp satin body cream. It was labeled Moonlight path. When I opened it The sent was also amazing! Now let me tell you I have super sensitive skin. And my first though was " sure it smells great but I bet it will be all oily and I wont be able to use it. " I took a small dab and rubbed it into my hands. First I noticed that it was very silk like. Almost like whip cream. Then I noticed that instead of sitting top of my skin and feeling greasy my skin was drinking it up. It was LOVE at first dab! My 7 year old (almost 8) daughter wanted to try it too. She loves it! The small sample tub (a bit larger than a tub of carmex) was gone in a few days. I went back and ordered the cherry cream. ITS YUMMYLICIOUSE!!

Later in the week I used the soap to lather and shave my legs and I was so pleasantly surprised by the fact that my eczema was not irritated and I didn't have that dry soapy feeling afterward. My legs were so soft and silky!

I will be recommending this seller to anyone I can. Her products are amazing and she is so friendly and ships so fast.
Thank you for making mine and my daughters skin so very happy!

P.s. She has lip balm and perfume sticks coming out soon also! YAY


CrazyDaisiesDesigns said...

WOW what a great article DK!

I love handmade soap, that's ALL we use in our house and we have 2 sensitive skin occupants. So I'll keep her in mind for my next purchase!

Plus what girl doesn't love a great cream!!!

Have a great day!

Hemp Bath Blog said...

Thank you so much for this! My very very first feature! I am so excited. :D

I am SO glad you liked your goodies!

Licia said...

looks delicious!!!! positively addicting :)

Licia said...

I so bought some!

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