Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chaos in the Kitchen

AH! The joy of home repair.

About the week before Easter I am sitting in my living room and my 3 year old comes on and says he found bugs in the den. So i humor him and walk in and low and behold TERMITES! They had swarmed out of the den wall. So i call the landlord and she has termite people come an assess the damage. ITS BAD real BAD.

Now back up a few months to when we moved in. There was a part of the floor in the kitchen that was Supposed to rotted from water damage and she was going to have that fixed come warm weather. Well wouldn't ya know that it wasn't water damage at all but the joists and sub floor had been the main coarser in a few hungry critters diet for oh the last 6 years or so!!

SO today after many people come to give estimates and such. They come to rip out my kitchen floor! CHAOS! I hate chaos :( So i have a huge hole in my floor where my dining table was.

This too shall pass, Thank GOD i'm not fronting the bill.


niftyknits said...

oh that looks awful :-( Termites sound scary, all I know about them is form watching House!

TMCPhoto said...

not fun at all. I'd be happy not to be footing the bill either, I'd make sure that they check your whole house, if they were feasting for six years in the kitchen where else have they been? I hope the chaos is cleared soon and there are no further signs of the little munchers

Valerie said...

OMG that's a huge hole. My house has termite issues too, we just tented a few yrs ago, but the damage is horrible. Holes all over the place, I'd hate to take off the siding to the house, I don't wanna know! Hope the repairs go smoothly.

Licia said...

Bad bugs! I hate it when they swarm. They do that here when they finally hatch and it's gross and buggy outside for a day.

I'll tell the swallows to come eat them up for you :) Swallows are fun to watch at least. Think of the swallows and pink and black with bows ;)

RockinMamaBG said...

Yikes termites

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