Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where the Magic happens

The whole area
Just the desk

I have been asked by a lot of people about my work space. Its not really anything special but is my small space to be creative and get happy with lil sparkly goodies! I truly feel blessed to be able to watch over my kidlets and make a lil extra fundage doing what I truly love, CRAFTING! You can see the fuller versions of pics along with detailed tags of whats what on my flickr at
Thanks so much for all teh love and support I have had from everyone.
Krystle of

The beads

Ps. I have about 5 large boxes of crafting stuff down in my den that i dont have room for in this space yet. :)


Licia said...

!!!! I am in your photo! Stalker!

How funny :) I spy lotsa little boxes too! I'm comin over! What a cute little space, so tidy too. Freshly baby whiped I presume.

Happy Cloud Moments said...

I thought I have a lot of supplies...but wow!!

Anonymous said...

It's so TIDY!!!!!!!!!! ugh, you should see mine! *faints*

Mike said...

I wish I could get my stuff that organized, haha

The ninja said...

Its not always that clean the desk usually has a lilmore tsuffs but i had just put away all the beads :)

PitBullLadyDesigns said...

It is lovely!! I'm organizing also. . .