Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A bad day!

NOT a good day!
Well My appointment went badly! Went in checked in and all that. She said I had to do the second glucose test so i drank the drink and she pricked my finger for a iron test too I faild iron test it was LOW. Got back to the room talked to the nurse. Told her about the pubic bone pain. Doctor came in Blood preassure was a lil high. They confirmed the Symhpisis pubis dysfuntion. Said I need to not walk and stand when i can help it. No mall trips extra shopping etc. Ordered labs for the blood pressure ( im scared to death of needles BTW) So i went back to to the lab she did the blood and pricked my finger for the Glucose test and I FAILED! badly! they dont even have to do a 3 hour test beacuse it was 209! SO i have to go get a new glucose meter, meet with diaticians again, and start this all over! It took all i had to not just cry and loose it in that office today. So a quick break down Of what i am dealing with.

Symphysis pubis dysfuntion

Gestatinal diabetes



and bordering high blood preassure/preeclampsia


Risk of rupture

Oh and to top it off i gained 6 lbs and My legs are swelling up!


Michelle said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your baby.

Little Lovables said...

Awe!! So sorry, only a couple more months!

Berry Blue Creations Handmade Items said...

That is so stressful, Wish there was something more i could do than offer hugs, some diabetic friendly cookies and tea, and all the love and support there is.

Made By Tammy said...


My name is Stacy and... said...

have them check your b12 level! seriously! my sister has allll kinds of health issues and getting a b12 shot has helped! she does it on an almost daily schedule now because he levels were so low.most americans levels are low. It used to be normal thing for us to get b12 shots and now no one does. so demand they test your b12. hope to hear good things!