Sunday, July 29, 2007

Inspiring Lampwork

First of all I want to thank for making such amazing beads that inspire me to push my creative boundaries. With her beads you just have to make the design special.

I set out the other night to make a necklace. I had these amazing beads and I knew the basic style I wanted. So I pondered my design idea (2 hours) and I set out what I would basically make. Well after 8 hours of loving labor I came up with a set that I am so fond of. This set has 88 inches of seed beads, a total of 20 sterling silver Bali beads, and most of all the amazing lamp work beads from Kris. This piece will be for sale soon on my etsy site.

Also I was in such a creative boost that today I designed another set using her beads. This set is a beautiful blues set that reminds me of an amazing ocean I accented her beads with freshwater pearls with swarovski crystals .

And to top it all off this amazing pendant was made with an awesome focal bead she made.

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anodyne said...

That blue set is beautiful! I really like the earrings. :)