Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BUTTON MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently while out hunting for bargain finds at flea markets and yard sales i ran across a table. This older gentleman was there and he had a few nice thing but nothing i was really searching for. I saw a little oriental l box and picked up and noticed that there were jars of buttons. OLD buttons! I asked if i could look and noticed there were some great ones on the top. I asked how much for the buttons and he said " all of them?" and i replied a yes. He told me and i was like hmmmmmm and said OK i want um. Then he started handing them to me and to my Surprise the paper bag next to the jars were BUTTONS TOO! and then a zip lock bag full too! he gave me all at a great price. i came home and dumped out on the floor and realized there were glass buckles, pearl buckles,mother of pearl buttons,crystal buttons ALL KINDS......ALL vintage and some very very antique! I have been sorting through and the ones i cant use for my jewelry i am selling on my etsy site. So if you have a great need for antique buttons or just collect cool old stuff come see :) http://www.dkjewels.etsy.com