Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bedroom After sneeks peek

I am not totally ready to show off the whole room But I just could not wait to share with you some of the stuff I have done so far. (you can see the before shots Here)
Without further ado.....
An old window gets a new life.I stuck the starfish up by hot gluing Thumb tacks to the backs. You could them use them all over a whole wall if you wanted.
The vanity was a craigs list find for 70 bucks! She was in rough shape and needed someone to clean her up and show her some love. I hope i did her the justice she deserved. What do you think? See her before HERE
I adore her and I still have a hard time believing I have a piece of furniture this beautiful *squee*
I also got this lovely china cabinet at Carolina Country Peddlers Mall It was my Birthday gift from Mr. Dkjewels.Here are some shots of some of the pretty things it holds for me.Why a china cabinet in the bedroom? Why not?
It serves as a book shelf, and clothes storage all in one.
Here is my side of the room as it is now.
This is the top of my nightstand. See the jar full of Sand dollars? My grandmother gathered them for me and sent them to me here in NC from Seaside, Oregon. I love them stacked in a pretty apothecary jar. The Lamp was a redo project that was om the blog a few months ago. My Pink bible was a Christmas gift from Mr. Dkjewels.
The amazing Doily my jars sit on was another find from The Carolina Country Peddlers mall and cost me 80 cents! Seriously!
I am so smitten and just plain LOVE with how it is coming along so far.
The old door came from The CCPM it is so beautiful! and has it original porcelain knobs and hardware. They have a big selection of old doors and windows and they are a super great price.
The baskets on the walls are ones I have kept from Shells I have bought at craft stores over the years. I love them framed up. My mannequin was a score from another antique store in Hope mills, NC.
The Wreath on the door is Actually made up of coffee filters and a paper plate ring.
So what do you think so far? Any suggestions? Changes you would make? Do you hate it? let me know.

Bedroom Before shots

I started transforming Our mater bedroom about 3 months ago. Here is what it looked like Before
It was pretty bad. And that wallpaper HAD to go like 20 years ago.
One night It finally got to me and I just started ripping down the paper. For the most part it came down in full sheets. I think it was ready to go.
(I actually texted this picture to my husband who was at work) After about 3 days of ripping wallpaper down and then Scrubbing each wall by hand to get off any glue I was ready to prime.Please excuse the mess. We moved everything to the middle of the room for painting. But you have to admit even messy it was a vast improvement over the wallpaper.
Here are the colors we picked from. We went with the Lighter softer aqua.

Stay tuned for the transformation...... coming up in the next post.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shabby little stool redo

I found this shabby little stool at my favorite place to shop The Carolina country peddlers mall ( you can visit their facebook HERE )
This was such a cute little stool. But it did need a bit of TLC.
I loved it up with a new fabric and a little white paint.
Here she is nowDontcha just love her legs the way they bow out slightly. This is the perfect little seat for the vanity and it slips right under and out of the way.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


It is no secret around here that I Love pillows! I sleep with no less than 3 and I love snuggling up with them on the couch.
I have been looking around for some throw pillows for the bedroom makeover ( which is coming along great! I can not wait to show the whole room)
I wanted beachy starfish pillows but when I found out they are around 40-150 dollars EACH! I thought BUMP THAT! So, I got some 100% cotton linen and sewed up some myself. (after a 6 hour search for my sewing machine presser foot!)
Here is My take on some shabbyish hand painted beach pillows.I used leftover wall paint and painted right on the fabric. I adore how they turned out! So much so that I am going to go get some more fabric and make some for my daughter with her colors.

The starfish needed a companion so today I dug through my linen cupboard and found an old crib sheet in aqua (which we no longer need now that My baby is nearly 3)
Here is what I made using the crib sheet and the leftover strips from the starfish pillows.

I totally dig this one and it adds wonderful texture to the bed.Here they are in a group on the bedThey also fit nicely on the bench at the foot of the bedTotal Cost of all 3 pillows was about 6.00. The ruffle pillow is actually a removable cover. And I had a huge bag of pillow stuffing that someone gave be years ago in my crafty supplies.
Wahoo for cute cheap pillows!
Trystan likes the bed too now!

Friday, July 22, 2011

A simple makeover

I found this wonderful little bench at my favorite antique barn. It was marked 50% off so it was just the right fit for my bedroom and my wallet!
I have wanted a bench of some sort for the foot of our bed for a while. I loved the simple country breezy shape of this one. I wasn't too keen on the faded flat red. But, I was willing to see past that.
My original plan was to go white on this. Then it hit me! Why not use some of the leftover wall paint since this will not be sitting against the wall and our bedding will be going very light white or creams. EUREKA!
So I added a few coats of the wall color and walla!
A perfectly aqua bench for our bedroom!
My turtle seems to like it :D

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Vanity of my Dreams

Since I was a little girl I had always envisioned My self sitting at a big mirrored vanity getting ready for a romantic night with My future husband. Or Standing behind my little girl while I braid her hair and talk to her about life or just kid and joke.
Well, A few night ago i was casually browsing my local Craig's list furniture section. I clicked on an ad for an antique Vanity thinking It wouldn't be for me or that I wouldn't be able to afford it.
I fell in love with its curves and details. The sweet bun like feet, and the storage OH the storage. It also had it original swivel mirror!
The price while amazing was just out my reach at the moment at $100.00 A serious steal for a piece like this. So, just out of curiosity I asked if they still had it and they sent back a yes. I though wow someone will be getting such a beautiful vanity and filed it back in my dreams.
The next day I got another e-mail asking if I was interested and saying they would give it to me for $80.00! Still slightly out of my budget considering we had just painted the master. I politely explained that I loved it but could only afford around $60.00. I got a reply that they would take $70.00 and meet us part of the way so that we wouldn't have to drive so far to get it.
I asked Mr. Dk and showed it to him and he said YES!
We loaded the kids up in the van and headed out on Monday to pick up my antique!
Here is how she was when I first saw her on Craig's list. We drove home and the next day I started her makeover.
I sanded the whole thing down. Tightened any loose nails. I had to remove the wheels and the detail on the front drawer because 3 wooden wheels were broke and the detailing was chipped beyond repair.
After the sanding and cleaning I gave her 2 coats of bright white Valspar signature. I love this paint because the primer is already in it. And it dries petty much chip free and washable. The knobs for now are simple wood knobs that I painted the same color as my walls. I want some fancy ones that I saw on But they are out of budget right now.
The front detail was replaced with one from Lowes that watched the curves and looks very nice If I don't say so myself.
So here she is now restored to match my beachy chic bedroom and fulfill my childhood dreams of fancy dressing and bonding with my daughter.I am seriously IN LOVE with this vanity. I love how some of my Milk glass Candy dishes look grouped with all my beachy do-dads.
Now to find her a matching stool :D